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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hug a piece of pie today!

all-puppies.comPhoto found at all-puppies.com

More know your animals

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Demilked.com has posted some wonderful new hybrid creatures born of the wonders of Photoshop. There may never be an opportunity to sight these animals in the Wild, but it’s best to know their names, just in case.

Behold the Butterphant!

The Butterphant

And the Koaowl!

The Koaowl

And the Orangupanda!

The Orangupanda

For further education on a few more important (and imaginary) species, refer to Demilked.

Let’s go fly a kite!

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Every year on November 1st, the people of Sumpango, Guatemala celebrate the Day of the Dead with an All Saints Day Kite Festival.

But not with ordinary kites.

With HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS ones made of rice, bamboo, and woven textiles, measuring up to SEVENTY FEET in diameter!

Sumpango kitePhoto found at edventureproject.com

Sumpango kitePhoto found at the International Women’s Media Foundation

Most of the kites display messages regarding caring for the environment and women’s rights, and attached to the tails are messages to departed loved ones. It takes more than 20 people to propel each one into the sky.

Sumpango kitePhoto found at culturalsurvival.org

Sumpango’s All Saints Day Kite Festival is a tradition that can be traced back to ancient Mayan culture. Kite-flying has been a joy for centuries!

Giant kitePhoto found at Guatemala Living

Happy Halloween!

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Get your spirits soaring and have a MADly good time!

MAD Halloween

Believers are waiting!

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Great Pumpkin

Know your animals!

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What’s in a name? Everything, it turns out. I will never call these animals anything else again!

Fart squirrel

Danger floof

Duck puppy

Cat snake

Booplesnoot(Images found randomly online. If this is your photo or meme and you would like credit or have it removed, contact me here!)

Big and small

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In the French city of Lyon exists a marvelous, miniature world. Dan Ohlmann is no Gulliver, but he has founded the Musée Miniature & Cinéma, where Lilliputians would feel right at home. Here’s Dan, lording over a tiny and eerily exact natural history museum he’s created.

Dan Ohlmann

This is the recreation of the Grand Salon aboard the SS Normandie, a grand ocean liner of yore.

Musee Miniature & Cinema

And here’s a library so realistic, it makes you think you could walk right in. Maybe your hand would fit here, but that’s about all!

Musee Miniature & Cinema

Miniatures are frequently used to help create movie magic. It’s clear to see why!

Musee Miniature & Cinema(All photos found at messynessychic)

Coloring magic

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Johanna BasfordPhoto found at The Daily Mail

Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford creates coloring books that take a little more time and effort to keep the color inside the lines. Complicated and beautiful, her coloring-book drawings include a special ingredient.


Just look at these images from The Enchanted Forest, and you’ll have to agree!

The Enchanted ForestThe Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

Now get a copy of The Enchanted Forest for yourself, and break out the color pencils!

Important definitions

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Important definitions

Trees housed

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Hey, want to build a house? Or a playground? WELL, THIS TREE WAS HERE FIRST, so you’d better build around it! It’s only polite.

Tree here first!Photo found at BoredPanda

Tree was here first!Photo: Smartforever

Tree was here first!Photo: Tezuka Architects

Living with a tree sounds swell to me. They’re always good company. And great listeners!